Former President Ronald Reagan coined a phrase,
appropriate for those who seek genuine news:

Trust, but verify.

Alternative Media

News and News-Aggregator Resources

A Libertarian Future (careful)
Breitbart (alt-right extremist often Trump-Pravda biased site
Got News (fearless conservative news and perspective)
Conservative Review (conservative news and perspective)
Smart Girl Politics (articles, blogs, local affiliates, and news feeds)
Pajamas Media (articles, blogs, news feeds)
ConservativeByte (news and opinion, how conservative is unclear)
HotAir Blog News & Commentary (part of TownHall Group, quasi-conservative)
CNS News (unfiltered liberal AP news feeds)
Business Insider Online (online tabloid, not conservative)
TownHall.com (quasi-conservative, an odd mix of writers)
The Atlantic (not conservative - often thought-provoking)
National Review (quasi-conservative - often thought-provoking)
FoxNews Blog (establishment wealthy media tool, unfiltered liberal AP news)
Matt Drudge News Links (electronic tabloid, link aggregator, Trump-Pravda, not conservative)
Red Nation Rising (quasi-conservative, podcasts)
The Christian Post - General and Religious News (Christian perspective, editorial oversight unknown)
NewsMax (electronic tabloid, everything monetized, uses unchecked liberal AP News Feeds)
Poltisite(Poltisite Facebook Political Blog)
SITE Intelligence Group - Jihadist Threat(chronicles the Jihadist threat)
UPI News Headlines (wire news source, moderate-liberal bias)
AP Breaking Wire News (strong historic liberal bias)

Why are ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, NY Times, LA Times, Boston Globe, BBC,
Reuters, Bloomberg, etc. not linked? Read explanation further down the page.

Other Media Resources, Blogs, etc.

The Heritage Foundation (Conservative Perspective)
COUNTDOWN Days until Obama Leaves Office January 20, 2017
COUNT-UP US & World Population Clock

Georgia - Political Media & Resources

Peach Pundit Daily
Sign up for email or text updates on the GA political scene
(Mostly-Conservative Perspective)

Savannah-Statesboro Area, Georgia Resources

Election Results and Election & Issue Polling

Note: Some of these sources have a partisan political bias.

Bulloch County Election Results (May 24, 2016 Georgia Secretary of State Kemp)
Bulloch County Election Results (Statesboro Herald)
Bulloch County Election Results (WTOC Election Center)

National - Political Media & Resources

Campaign 2016 Coverage including live-streaming of events
Gallup Polling
Rasmussen Polling
RealClearPolitics - Polls & Links

The American Party

Talk Radio

Rush Limbaugh (Generally conservative, vicarious obsession with Trump 2016, sometimes immature)
Sean Hannity (quasi-conservative, Trump bias, tiresome repetition, Roman Catholic/NYC cultural Influence)
Phil Valentine (quasi-conservative, follows Hannity/Rush lead even when wrong)
Dennis Prager (quasi-onservative - intellectual/philosophical, adds Jewish cultural perspective)
Hugh Hewitt (Leans toward establishment center-right, academic intellectual perspective)
Glenn Beck (Odd mix of Mormon/Jewish/?? cultural influences, leans-Libertarian, often immature)
Laura Ingraham (quasi-conservative, Trump bias, adds perspective, less screechy than Ann Coulter)
Mark Levin (Unpredictable mix of conservative/Libertarian, arrogant, crude, loud)
Links to Streaming Conservative Talk Shows

Middle People - Participate Rationally - Links to Reason


Exposing Abuse, Fraud, and Waste in Medical Care

Indisputable truths about government vs freedom

Search Engines

IXQuick Bypasses Google bias & tracking
DuckDuckGo Bypasses Google bias & tracking
Conservative Political Search Engine - Do not trust blog search results to raw Google.


Caveat Emptor (buyer beware) All "News" Sources ...

There is good reason to doubt that the self-selected "news media"
has ever been anything approaching truly nonpartisan - trust must be earned daily.
To quote the late President Reagan "Trust, but verify."

The founders of the United States of America stated clearly that for this "experiment in liberty" to succeed the citizenry must be
informed and participatory. It can be a challenge to gather accurate information upon which to base informed decisions.
That said, I have shared some links to erstwhile "news" sources. You have been forewarned.
I have little reason to mindlessly trust any of these sources. I have screened-out traditionally.
hyper-partisan sources such as ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, NY Times, LA Times, Boston Globe, BBC,
Reuters, Bloomberg, etc.
I did include a link to the AP and UPI, with a warning, because they are the only two USA wire services.
I recognize that their influence is fading due to alternative media and celebrate that.
If you wish to "slum" you may also find links to their unlabeled editorials-mascarading-as-news" via the Drudge site.


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